Have a LOOKSIE.. Which one suits you?


 ❤ ONE OFF DEEP CLEAN $39 per hour

 ❤ REGULAR CLEAN $29 per hour


~ One-Off Deep Clean ~  

$39 Per Hour

BRING ON THE DEEP CLEAN PERFECTION!   Extra attention payed to “pickly” areas.  All those ICKY GROSS I DON’T WANNA TOUCH IT spots will be sorted!

Includes a thorough clean of kitchen & bathroom, plus general living areas are tidied, arranged, dusted and polished. All floors are vacuumed and mopped. Interior of fridge and oven given a new life. Windows can be included by request.

Result = shiny sparkly fresh house!




~ The Set Up ~

$ 39 Per Hour ( + $65 Care Package)

Perhaps you really want to manage your own cleaning, but the house has too much build up and you don’t know where to start…Or you’re not quite sure what the best method is for this surface or that flooring or those bits of grime over there!? 

The Set-Up service includes a full Initial clean to get your abode back up to scratch for easy ongoing maintenance + Supply of products & equipment necessary for you to keep on top of it + a handy booklet with helpful info so you can tackle it on your own!

Result = shiny sparkly fresh house! + I have everything I need! + “Loving the handy tips!”

care package.jpg

Includes – Instructional manual + recipes, ready-made product to get you started and all the necessary equipment to make your home look perfect!


~ The ol’ Regular ~

$29 Per Hour ($39 Per hour for the Initial Clean)

For those of you that are just waaay too busy! Maybe you’re working mental hours…maybe you have little ones running around…  or maybe cleaning is just not your joy! We’ll be there often, to sort the house out so you can chill !

Includes – Regular up-keep either weekly or fortnightly                                                          *An Initial clean must be done first in order to get everything up to scratch

Result =  “Ohhhh it looks SO good ALL the time  and I don’t have to do a thing! Yessssss!”


~ The De Clutter ~

$39 Per Hour

For those of you who have a little bit too much chaos or confusion in your cupboards!

Includes the full Initial Clean + a  De-Clutter of your specified problem area.

For example  ~ a face-lift for your wardrobe ~ sorting the Tupperware drawer ~ organising kitchen cupboards ~ sifting through your boxes of ‘stuff’  ~ re imagining your storage areas ~  Offering thrifty & efficient space-solvers~

Result = shiny sparkly fresh house + new-super-organised you!

From this >


To this >



~ The Revamp ~

$39 Per Hour

When things are a little chaotic and don’t feel quite right, but you don’t know why..When you need a fresh look, fresh start and fresh abode!

Perhaps your home is a little small and pokey and your things don’t quite fit.. and you wished it felt roomier..or more open.. 

.. or is it too sparse.. or maybe you don’t know why, but it just feels a little bland..?

Includes a full Initial Clean + De-clutter + Rearranging Interior + Refashioning & Revamping your rig

Result = shiny sparkly fresh house + new- super-organised you! + “oh it feels so HOMELY now!”