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  1. Pricing
  2. What Products do you use?
  3. What is an ‘Initial Clean’ and why do I need it?
  4. How do I book?


How do you charge?

  • CLEANING SERVICES are charged per Hour  – We only charge for the amount of time it actually takes, we don’t round-up! So don’t be worried about those 20 minutes being turned into 30!

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Are there any other costs?

  • Your INITIAL CLEAN involves a charge of $85 for your set-up care package

This can be a one-off payment or split into small repayments. Just tell us what suits best.



++ Please do let us know if you are a little tight on finances, as we are very accommodating where ever possible and are more than happy to accept split payments for any services++


Who supplies the equipment and products?


One-Off cleans & Home Organising:

  • We bring everything needed, except a vacuum – we are a Green Team; walking and using public transport –  and dragging a vacuum up Wellington Terrain isn’t the easiest feat!

End of Tenancy Cleans:

  • We bring everything, don’t you worry ’bout a thing. However if possible, please leave behind a chair for standing on to reach those lampshades & window tops!

Regular Cleans:

  • We will set you up with your own care package, that will be washed and maintained by your regular cleaner. We will only need to use you vacuum cleaner.


What products do you use?

  • We are very anti-chemicals so definitely won’t use any in your home!  We make all our own products using the following ingredients > High quality organic essential oils [Kereru Oils], bicarb, vinegar, water and coconut oil
  • We use microfibers and non-abrasive scrubbing cloths
  • We do not use anything that is one-time-use / disposable ie paper towels, disposable gloves etc. in an effort to limit unnecessary waste
  • We use water very sparingly to avoid wasting our precious resource!



What is an Initial Clean?

  • An initial clean is the key to shiny results! It is the “bringing it back to scratch” time, where we are super thorough, gettin’ into all those nasty corners to get your home looking super fresh! It’s what makes the ongoing maintenance a lot easier and faster later on! It’s a really important first step!

So how long does one take?

  • It takes a little longer than any other future cleans we might have booked in, because of any old build-up of grime/dust/etc which often take a little extra elbow grease
  • It’s very much dependent on your home’s specifics and what age/condition things are in etc. But to give you an idea, for a home that would normally take 3 hours to complete a standard regular clean; the initial clean would normally take about 4.5 to 5 hours first visit.



I’m interested in your service.. what now?

  • Get in touch with via the Contact page
  • Tell us a little bit about your home and what you are looking for
  • From there we will arrange an appropriate time together, for an initial assessment. This means Lee will come visit your home for a meet & greet, and provide an estimate how long the service will take. (This is a free quote)