Home Organising

We all seem to have this expectation of ourselves to just be naturally good at keeping on top of everything, right?! And then we feel embarrassed when someone sees our messy spare room, and feel like we need to explain ourselves or give some valid excuse for the disarray.  But It’s unrealistic to expect to be totally organised in all areas of your life. Even those SUPER organised people, still have a ‘dump’ room or drawer that’s totally out of order.  It’s normal, and it’s certainly nothing to feel ashamed about!

It might be one small corner of the house that’s cluttered and overwhelming, or it might be the whole house that’s in need of an overhaul! What ever your personal situation, Little Perfections is here to help you de-clutter and reorder the chaos with zero judgement, and a warm, mindful and helpful approach.

Home organising ~

Reorganising your specified “problem area” to be more manageable and more suitable to your needs. This may be the kitchen cupboards, your wardrobe, a specific room, or even the whole house. Lee will work closely with you to understand how you use your space Vs how you would like to be using it. Establishing your goals for the elected area, and aid in sorting through your belongings to gently determine what is kept and what is donated. [You will not be forced into throwing away all your stuff, rest assured!]

Minimalism isn’t the right fit for everybody, and this process will be catered specifically to you and your personal style.

Often we know what want, but don’t quite know how to get there! Help is at hand ♥