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A little more detail about LP…



I’m Levi – the woman behind Little Perfections. I started this business because resolving  spaces was my joy! I am passionate about reducing waste and educating & enabling others to live more sustainably.

I have a small team who help me bring sparkly joy to people’s homes! Together we are DE-stressing Wellingtonian’s lives one house at a time! You can meet the Team HERE

We are passionate about our environment and work with a natural, low-waste method. This means no disposable products,  refillable ingredients (stored in glass!) minimal use of water & zero chemicals.


Well, many times in the past I have personally had negative reactions to cleaning products. Suffering from headaches, skin rashes and fatigue led me to research the dangers of the toxins we expose ourselves to on-the-daily, and to educate myself with the natural alternatives. I am glad to be able to share this knowledge forward, and enable others to make the change.

I have developed some fantastic recipes and cleaning processes, and am proud to be filling a gap in the current market by bringing you a completely chemical free service, to protect all of our health, and our environment!

Lee Parsons / Founder & Owner - Little Perfections

Levi | Founding Director of Little Perfections

We are all  down-to-earth, genuine & caring.  I don’t believe in the whole “business-y minded approach”, The human-factor is very important to me. A strong relationship with our clients focused around trust and respect is priority. Everyone deserves to be treated with warmth & equality.

We pride ourselves on providing a personalised service. We love making houses feel like homes, and disconnected spaces feel warm and welcoming.

Personally, I love being able to help others, and am motivated by the knowledge that my service gives people some peace-of-mind + feet-up time, and a little bit of a surprise when they get home!

I am grateful to have gathered a very special team of extraordinary women, who hold the same love and passion for helping others and looking after our environment. Together we deliver a really unique experience for our clients, and we our very proud of our work ♥



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