A little more detail about LP…




I’m Lee, and I am the woman behind Little Perfections. I started this venture because re-imagining spaces is my passion, and (fortunately) a natural knack of mine! 

I have a small team who help me bring sparkly joy to peoples homes! Together we are DE-stressing Wellingtonian’s lives one job at a time!                                                                                                                   {All of us have clear Police records & Public Liability Insurance}

Myself & my team are passionate about our environment and work as GREEN AS POSSIBLE when cleaning. This means no chemicals, just natural ingredients & good ol’ elbow grease!

Why? Well, many times in the past I have had negative reactions to cleaning products. Suffering from headaches, skin rashes and fatigue led me to learn about the dangers of the toxins we expose ourselves to on the daily, and to research the natural alternatives. I have developed some fantastic recipes and cleaning processes, and I am happy to be filling a gap in the current market by bringing you a completely chemical free service, to protect all of our health, and our environment!


I am a REAL, GENUINE, CARING person. I pride myself on providing a personalised service. I love making houses feel like HOMES. I have a natural ability for making pokey spaces feel open, and disconnected spaces feel warm and welcoming.

I get a huge amount of satisfaction from seeing the transformation, I love being able to help others, and am motivated by the knowledge that my work gives people some peace-of-mind + feet-up time, and a little bit of a surprise when they get home!


I have a very keen eye for detail, am very meticulous, a great problem solver and very resourceful. I’m a creative thinker, inventive and a ‘visual’ person.

I thoroughly LOVE cleaning, tidying, organising, rearranging and de-cluttering. For me, cleaning is very therapeutic. It invigorates me, keeps me very fit and gives me a huge sense of satisfaction when I can admire the finished product.  

I work very hard – nothing I do is half arsed. I work fast and charge fair. I care a lot about people, am very respectful of other’s spaces and am very loyal and committed. I am driven by the satisfaction of doing something to my best, and knowing I am helping others.